Policy BEAA: Superintendency Union 26


The Superintendency Union #26 School Committee is a joint committee of the Amherst School Committee and the Pelham School Committee existing for the purpose of employing a Superintendent jointly with the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District. 

The Superintendency Union is the agent of each participating town through these committees in the employment of the Superintendent as provided for in MGL 71:61. The Union #26 Committee is composed of the three officers of the Pelham School Committee and the three officers of the Amherst School Committee. 

The Union 26 committee will meet annually, after completion of annual elections in both towns, at a time and place agreed upon by the Chairs of the two towns’ School Committees.  The Union 26 committee will organize by electing a Chair and a Vice-Chair.


LEGAL REF: MGL 71:61, 71:63