G9: Compensation For Jury Duty

Category G: Personnel

Procedure G9: Compensation For Jury Duty

In administering Massachusetts law regarding jury duty compensation (Chapter 234A), it is the district’s firm commitment that those employees serving on jury duty will not suffer any loss of wages. 

Compensation for jury duty service will be made in accordance with the negotiated contract for the relevant work group.

In order to fulfill this commitment the following is required:

  • Employees must notify the Human Resources Office of all days absent for jury duty.
  • Employees must provide the Human Resources Office with an official court document certifying completed jury duty service; documentation can be provided by the court.
  • If payment by the Court is provided to employees, employees must turnover any such payment to the Business Office since employees are paid by the districts for their jury duty responsibilities. Reporting to the Human Resources Office is essential since employees are members of a contributory retirement system (teacher or county) which requires the reporting of wages and withholdings and the forwarding of said withholdings to the respective boards. 


    Authorizing Document(s)

    Massachusetts General Law 234A- Sections 48

    Massachusetts General Law 234A- Sections 51

    Massachusetts General Law 234A- Sections 52

    Massachusetts General Law 234A- Sections 58


    July 2014