Summit Academy Has Moved!

As the 2017-2018 school year officially came to a close, many staff and students started a summer break of fun, rest and relaxation, but this was not the case for everyone.

The renovations of Summit Academy’s new location commenced on the very next day.  During the hot humid days of summer, the dedicated and skillful Facilities Team, were hard at work demolishing, reconstructing, hauling, cleaning, painting and moving.  They have created an incredible new space for our faculty, students and their families and staff. We can’t thank them enough for all the time, work and effort they have put into this timeline driven project.   

Beginning of construction of the old culinary section of Summit Academy

Construction of the office space at Summit AcademyClassroom under construction at Summit Academy










We also need to send our appreciation and thanks to the Information Systems Department. They, have put in hours of work to prepare our new location for all of our technology needs. Planning, mapping, moving, wiring, all this so that we can have wonderful classrooms and workspaces. They made it possible that we would have our computers, laptops, Smartboards, and phones operating in our new location!  A heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for making our school ready for our return.

This summer dedicated volunteers undertook the task of moving the Summit Academy’s greenhouse to its new location. Steve Choate, has given endless hours to support Summit Academy, on more than one occasion, and we are so thankful for his expertise and building skills. He supervised and aided in the dismantling, moving, and reconstruction of the greenhouse, and because of him and the other volunteers that assisted in the move, it sits proudly on its new location. Last, but not least, Summit students worked beside him and the volunteers to make this move a reality. To all of you who helped with this undertaking, we are indebted. Thank you!!

Construction of the Summit greenhouse at its new locationFinal steps of Greenhouse Construction at Summit AcademyFinal steps of construction of the Greenhouse at Summit Academy










Former culinary space under construction at Summit Academy
Yes, there are more to thank. Summit students . . . several worked this summer to help organize and set up our food prep area.

You made our new space come together, by cleaning, sorting, and organizing. Thanks go out to you for your hard work and effort and for taking steps to make our school a welcoming space this fall.

Lastly, we need to thank the teachers and staff who have worked hard to pack up the belongings of Summit Academy. They have put in hours of packing, sorting, moving, cleaning, setting up and rearranging classrooms, offices, and student support areas.  As it all comes together, each person’s efforts have been invaluable in our move. This is truly a wonderful team!

While this is about to be a start of a new school year, for Summit Academy students and staff, it is also a wonderful new start in a new location and space.

Please enjoy the slideshow below capturing some of the moments of this summer renovation project and the moving of the greenhouse . . .