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Bowes, Suzanne                      362-1553              

Duram, Sean                            362-1560              

Eckart, Rich                              362-1551             

Grandin, Philip                         362-1550              

Hayes, Sarah                           362-1552              

Kiely, Mary                               362-1562              

Lariviere-Werner, Alex             362-1520              

Metzger, Keith                          362-1565              

Mudie, Jane*                            362-1758              

Oakes, Robin                           362-1559              

Sulikowski, Lisa                        362-1559              

Zelaya, Blanca                          362-1556              

  *Department Head

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Criteria for Accelerating in Mathematics

  1. Any high school student wishing to accelerate must be earning a grade of at least 95% in their current math course, as well as be maintaining an average of 95% on all tests and exams.
  2. Any student who has met the above criteria must schedule a meeting, including the parent/guardian and the Math Department Head. This meeting must take place before May 9 in order for the student to accelerate the following school year. There are no exceptions to this May 9 deadline. The following COMPLETED FORMS must be brought to this meeting, to be submitted for approval.

Proposal Form - to be submitted electronically and in hard copy

Current Math Teacher Evaluation Form - must be completed (top portion of form) and submitted electronically to the student’s current teacher

Awarding of Accelerated Placement

Placement will only be awarded if all of the following criteria are met by their respective deadlines.

  1. Student must have met all of the above criteria by May 8.
  2. Student must pass, with an 85%, a placement exam in the course he/she wishes to study independently. The placement exam must be taken on one of the two scheduled exam dates, which occur before the start of school. There are no exceptions to this deadline.
  3. Student must submit a work portfolio (in required format) on the date of the placement exam - there are no exceptions to this deadline.